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 AUGUST 2019

Here is the audio version of the INSIGHT- August 2019

Cartoon bulb giving a thumb upHi everyone and welcome to the very first BWA Blog- In-sight!

Our purpose is to provide a resource for Members and others, to share tips for living. In other words, what would you like to share about the way you overcome any barriers, which your vision impairment may present. Your tips may help others to approach an area of their life in a way, which makes a difference to their daily activities.

Some of our members have already provided us with pearls of wisdom and here are some of their suggestions.


If you are a knitter, or would like to be, have you tried putting a button at the end of a row so you know when to turn, and what about removing some of your clothes tags and replacing them with square or round buttons to help you identify your favourite, or colour matched outfits. If you prefer to use a device, we have had excellent feedback for the “Pen Friend”, which can identify barcodes, which you attach to clothing or can use to organise you CD collection.


Those who enjoy sewing may benefit from a guard which is available to cover your machine needle and an OT Assessment could also identify other specific items which may help.


Our successful cooks tell me that it is important to explain to others that kitchen equipment should not be moved and that cooks should be wary of loose clothing etc. They also emphasised that clear concentration is necessary and long oven mitts are recommended to avoid hot splashes. Some have found that liquid level indicators are useful and apparently they are now available in models which can alert you to 2 levels (e.g. water and then milk)


The star device (recommended by one of our Peer Group Members) for this edition, is the Smart Vision Phone available from Pacific Vision. In addition to its “smart” screen and capabilities it has keys, which certainly help when you are being asked by a recording to press numbers to navigate their answer machine menu.

Humanware – https://store.humanware.com/hau/low-vision

Well, that covers most of the tips for this publication but please see below some useful web-sites kindly provided by another of your Peers, who has passed on quite a few and I will include them and others as we go. Don’t forget you can let us know if you have any tips for future inclusion, by giving me a call on 8367 6088.


Ciao for now,


Member Services Officer